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Large Candleberry Candle
Why Buy Our Candles
  • Candleberry is as heavily scented as a candle can possibly be without fragrance seeping out of the wax.
  • We start with the highest quality fragrances.
  • Candleberry is clean-burning (keep wick trimmed).
  • Candleberry Candles burn beautifully down the sides of the jar with little to no wax residue on the glass.
  • There are little to no solvents in Candleberry fragrance (fewer allergens).
  • Candleberry is hand-poured (allows for higher fragrance percentage).
  • If it isn't the best, we don't do it.
Large 26 Ounce Jar
Small 10 Ounce Jar
 Special Double Deal - Hot Maple Toddy
2 Large - 26 Ounce Candles
For ONLY 39.99
Candleberry Simmering Cake Tarts
Candleberry Simmering Cake Tarts
Hot Maple Toddy® Simmering Cake Tart Simmering Cake Tart
Maple honey. Grandma used to cure all ailments with her special cup of warm spirits dashed with lemon juice. The best part was the spoonful of maple honey. And does this candle ever cure your senses! Get ready for the best candle ever. (This item is for use in any wax tart warmer.Tarts do not have a wick in them.)
Crackling Pine Wick - Candleberry Soy Blend Candles
10 oz Soy Blend - Crackling Pine Wick Candle
The crackling pine wick actually has 16% more fragrance than our regular candles. The wick crackles as it burns and it's a soy blend. This Apple Brown Betty scented candle is a delightfully sweet and sour apple pastry straight out of the bakery oven.