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Chadwick Farms has a unique gift shop in the beautiful hills of Wild Wonderful West Virginia and primarily sells Scented Candles from such companies as Candleberry, Chadwick Farms and Scentsible Scents.
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All about Candleberry Candles
 The Candleberry Company prides itself upon having what we consider to be the finest candle on the market. As candle lovers ourselves, we strive to make a candle that burns clean and is very heavily scented all the way through to the end of the burn. Our zinc wicks contain no lead and are, therefore, safe. Additionally, they burn cleaner than wicks that are all paper.Our company was founded on the basis of family tradition.Most of the candles we have created relate to a traditional ritual or family favorite. Its hard to find exactly what you want in a scent, so we took our time in finding what we knew everyone would want. If a scent was not clean enough, rich enough, or did not have enough strength, or sweetness, we reconstructed its composition until it was perfected. There are no "average" candles in the entire line.The Candleberry Tree, or Candlenut Tree, produces the candlenut, from which candles were made many years ago. The candlenut is also sometimes referred to as a bayberry. We like to keep in mind the natural aspect of candle making when we examine our processes. There are so many cheap candles on the market, many of which are filled with solvents, diluting the oils to the point that there is little to no fragrance. Not only do we use some of the highest quality oils available but we also fill our jars with an extremely high percentage of oils. You can be sure that when you buy a Candleberry Candle you are receiving jars of the best quality oils and jars of the most highly scented candles on the market.A quality candle is very sensitive, therefore difficult to make, but we went through grueling testing to make the best one possible. We finally achieved a candle that results in little to no smoke (keep wicks trimmed) and burns down clean from the sides of the jar as if there was never anything there. We have given as much scent to these candles as the wax will carry without oil seeping out the sides and the scent remains that strength from the beginning to the end of the burn.Some of our customers include Jack Daniels Distillers, Jim Beam, Wild Turkey and Four Roses Distillers. We have also been featured in Wine & Spirits Magazine among other publications. You can find our candles in the Governor's Mansion as well as many other discriminating homes across the country. And we greatly appreciate your support and help in making us the company we are today.